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The volcanic opportunity

A mineral explorer, based in Perth with Australian Company Number (ACN) 632 891 242. Our focus is on the development of our projects that are prospective for precious, base and rare metals in order to create shareholder value, and provide the world with the metals it needs.

The Company was formed to acquire assets from mineral exploration companies, Musketeer Mining Ltd, Wilding Resources Pty Ltd, and Longland Resources Ltd, and to acquire the shares in Unearthed Resources Pty Ltd. 

We operate in Australia and Greenland, low-risk jurisdictions with advanced mining legislation that adheres to the highest standards of ethics and environmental protection. Both are also greatly prospective for the discovery of new world-class mineral deposits.

The board of directors has a wealth of experience in creating and advancing mineral exploration and development companies both here at home, and abroad. All are well known to one another, and are aligned in their approach to advancing the Company.